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My weekend at the Wanderlust Festival

My weekend at the Wanderlust Festival

My weekend at the Wanderlust Festival

Hello friends,

Today Ana is on the blog to talk about her weekend in Wanderlust , the international yoga festival. Enjoy!

my weekend in wanderlust

Last weekend, I attended the Wanderlust Yoga Festival that every year is held in the Sunshine Coast (Australia). This is something I had always wanted to do, but due to work or other events happening in previous years, like my parents being here for a visit, I hadn’t been able to do until now.

I am so glad I could make it this year, because it was truly an experience for me. If you like yoga, this is an awesome festival to check out.

my weekend in wanderlust

The Wanderlust Festival ran for 4 days, from Thursday to Sunday. I could only join Friday and Saturday, but believe me, I made the most of it. Over 2 days, I did 5 yoga classes, a Barre Body class, a meditation class, a craft class (Mandalas in Nature) and attended an awesome talk with Melissa Ambrosini. You will think that this was way too much exercise, but it didn’t feel like a killer. The classes were very enjoyable and they had a lot of “talk” and “play” time. I was scared I would be doing sun salutations all day long, but not at all. The teachers and speakers were top quality, from Australia and from overseas and I could not have enough of listening to them and paying attention to the details.

Not everyday you get to be adjusted in your alignment by Ana Forrest. Not everyday you have a dance party with Shiva Rea, or flow with Honza Lafond, or meditate with Rhyanna VL, or sweat out with Emma Seibold ballet-ish movements. And the classes in general were not very crowded so you could perfectly see and hear their teachings.

my weekend at wanderlust

Ana with Emma Seibold, the founder of Barre Body in Australia

The set up of the festival was spectacular. It was very cool to see the blue sky and the palm trees from my downward dogs 😉 And having the ocean just a few minutes walk from the venue was also lovely by the end of the day.

I took my camera with me and I filmed a short video during the weekend, I hope you like it! I am learning how to vlog and how to edit videos, so please excuse my mistakes.

As I say at the end of the video, what I loved the most was seeing so many people from everywhere in the world, young and less young, doing yoga together. Yoga has helped me immensely. Yoga keeps my body and my mind happy and calm every day. I mainly practice Hatha and Yin Yoga, and sometimes, if I feel strong enough, I do some Power Yoga or Vinyasa Flows. But in general, I keep it very gentle and yet I have never been as agile as I am now in my life, at 34. Much stronger and flexible that I was at 20.  All thanks to yoga and a bit of pilates. I am also trying my best to keep my meditation practice consistent, because it is my daily medicine to find peacefulness (does this word exist?) and be more productive. It is hard, every day there is something else to do better than sitting down and doing nothing. However, meditation works so deeply at some many levels that those minutes of nothing can give you everything. Have you tried it? As in daily for a month, for example?

I loved my weekend in Wanderlust and I am super happy that I don’t have to wait much longer to come back to nature, to my walks, exercise and crafts by the beach. As you know, we are running Retreat Yourself AU on the 11-13 November in Coochiemudlo Island, if anyone is interested. There will be Fitness classes with ex-ballerina Lydia Melmeth, delicious vegetarian meals prepared by Eat Nik and of course, craft classes with Crave for Crafts. Check out www.retreatyourself.au for more information. Prices start at $450 with all included, if you are wondering  🙂

This is something I want to keep doing. Spend at least a day a month completely in nature to recharge.

Let me know if you would like to join us, there are still a few spots left. Ah! And it is cheaper than Wanderlust!

Watch the video ” A weekend in Wanderlust “: