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Crave for Crafts update on life and stuff

Crave for Crafts update on life and stuff

Crave for Crafts update on life and stuff

Dear Crave for Crafts friends,

You will have probably noticed that Crave for Crafts has been pretty quiet recently. Well, the fact is that there have been a few hiccups in our way.

My (Ana’s) grandmother got very sick and I decided to go to Spain for a couple of weeks to be with my family. I am grateful that although I live so far away, my job, my partner and in general, the lifestyle I have chosen supports me to travel to the other side of the world if I need it.

Ana & her parentsMy time is Spain was as good as it always is. I spent time with my grandma, my grandad, his sister (who is 102!). It is a blessing to have them still alive and in relatively good health. I travelled to France with my parents to visit my sister. We ate lots of cheese and croissants and drank lots of delicious wines.

Apologies for the food porn 🙂Cheese Shop in Toulouse

Cheese shop in Toulouse

As an anecdote, my parents and I were in Toulouse on a walk on a Monday morning, and the President of the France, Emmanuel Macron happened to be there and we ended up shaking hands with him! He was super approachable and didn’t hesitate to shake hands with the people in the street who were waiting for him. Ah! He is very handsome and not very tall, so you know.

Face to Face with Emmanuel Macron

Face to Face with Emmanuel Macron. I just said to him “Vive la France”. Lame, but what else do you tell a President of the Republic?

I went to my home town, Salamanca, where it was the Festival time of the year and reunited with some of my old-time school friends. Then I went to Madrid, and spent a few days in the district where I used to live. I lived for many years in Malasaña, one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods in the city where every day there was something cool to do. Since then, many more craft shops, little ateliers, tapas bars and gin bars have opened. I can’t wait to go back.

salmorejo y vino blanco en madridI have to say that other than my F&F, I miss how easy it is to eat out in Spain at very affordable prices. You can have a very nice meal, including wine and bread (because I love bread!) for less than $15. In Australia that would only be the price of a starter!

Now I am back in Brisbane, and heading into a very intense term. My Yoga Teacher Training will be completed (hopefully!) by the end of the year, and there is a lot of work that I need to do. A lot of readings, a lot of yoga practice and of course, a lot of yoga teaching practice required. You can imagine how hard it is to cue sequences in a second language (even worse when you have troubles discerning the left and the right!)

Yoga and Camping

Doing yoga while camping last weekend

In Crave for Crafts we have a lot of private events happening at the moment. We have some crafty hens parties and baby showers booked for the upcoming months and that is taking us time from public classes. However, we plan to resume our public classes early in 2018. We just need to find some time to plan and schedule! Because Imogen has also been very busy!

During these last few weeks, Imogen has been taking a jewellery course on silversmithing. This is a craft she has been interested in for a long time. She has already talked in this blog about her love for crystals and gems, so this is has been a great opportunity to take her expertise up a notch. Check out our Instagram, you will see there some of her creations!

Crave for Crafts jewellery

Imogen’s handmade ring. 

I hope that you have all been well, happy and healthy and will keep you posted!