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Crave for Crystals

Crave for Crystals

Crave for Crystals

Today on the blog, Imogen reveals her crave for crystals and a new craft she is playing with. We might see it soon at Crave for Crafts! Enjoy!

When I was heavily, and I mean heavily pregnant with my second child I had a dream that I needed crystals for the birth. I can’t remember the details of the dream, but when I woke I knew I just definitely needed some.

Crave for Crystals | Crave for Crafts |As a child I always had a strong interest in crystals and gems, nagging my parents to stop at the crystal shops off the highway on our drives up north to visit my grandparents. Amethyst is my birthstone, so I always had one of them, I also had a black onyx that I loved and I was definitely most fascinated by the tiger’s eye, with its layers of colours. I also had a magnificent rock collection that I was gifted that had amazing specimens of some really unusual rocks. Years later when I met my now husband, I told him of my rock collection. He was excited that we shared the same interest as children, however it turns out his rock collection was just literal rocks he picked up from the garden and stored in supermarket plastic bags… I married him anyway.

So, back to the dream. I went over to my Mum’s house and told her about this dream. She thought I was a bit crazy but we hopped online to do a bit of research on how to pick crystals for childbirth and headed over to a lovely little shop in West End, Crystal Earth. It is a very full little shop, bursting with little boxes of crystals everywhere. I navigated around the room with my giant baby bump, already almost a week overdue for the birth, trying not to knock them all over. I picked out 5 crystals, feeling each one to see which ones felt right and I settled on:

Moonstone – The feminine stone

Malachite – the midwives’ stone

Black Onyx – for strength and stamina

Rose Quartz – for unconditional love

Peridot – for positive power and prosperity

Crave for Crystals | Crave for Crafts |I took my crystals home, put them on my giant belly and put my intentions on them for a safe and easy birth (and soon!). I kept my crystals with me in my bag for the birth a few days later and have added to the collection since. My three year old son loves them and lays them out on his legs. Moonstone is his favourite and I find they really seem to calm him down when he gets a bit too restless. Almost a year after the birth, I am back playing with crystals again, this time making some jewellery. I’m quite into aventurine at the moment, supposedly good for creativity and prosperity! What are your favourite crystals?Crave for Crystals | Crave for Crafts |