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Nesting before the baby arrives

Nesting before the baby arrives

Nesting before the baby arrives

The countdown is on! It is only a matter of days before this bump becomes a baby and I have started nesting, big time. I have tackled the linen cupboard, the hall cupboard, the mountains of second hand baby clothes that just seem to appear, the kitchen and the car. I haven’t dared to do the pantry yet… I am saving that one for the last minute. I even had my husband drag all the large floor rugs (shagpile) outside and beat them over the deck to expel all the toddler crumbs. This was last week and I hate to say the carpet is already full of sultanas and cheese again– gross! Shagpile probably wasn’t the best choice, but these are things you just don’t realise before you are blessed with toddler.

Imogen Crave for Crafts

My top cleaning tip of the week is to use a battery powered leaf blower to clean out the car. My aunt came to help and we just opened up all the doors and used the leaf blower to blow out all the disgusting crumbs and then ran a few baby wipes over the surfaces. It’s as good as new, minus all the food stains on the upholstery – I haven’t quite worked out how to fix that one yet.

And of course, I  have been crocheting!

I have also been busy crocheting some blankets. I have felt almost feverish about getting them done before the baby arrives, it might get cold if it doesn’t have handmade blankets to keep it warm… I finally finished the grey and fluro stripe blanket that I started last year and this little pram blanket in the rest of the soft cashmerino wool my mum bought for me (thanks to @littlewoolliemakes for the yarn and inspo!).

crochet blanket Brisbanecrochet blanket crave for crafts

Ana has also returned from Spain and taken on the new website development with gusto! She brought me back this beautiful cotton from Ovelha Negra in Portugal (with my favourite mint colour) to make something for the baby. I was thinking a little toy, but I am not sure yet. The colours are just so pretty.

crochet blanket Brisbaneovelha negra crochet portugal

I am currently writing this at 4am, I think the baby is getting me into a night feeding schedule early so I don’t get any surprises when it arrives. Thanks little baby, you are too kind already. I hope our toddler adjusts well. He is a kind soul and very empathetic for a two year old. Here is to hoping for a smooth transition from one to two kids in the house and night-time feeds!