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Felt Bunting Tutorial


Felt Bunting Tutorial


This Felt Bunting Tutorial will show you how to create felt banners for a nursery or child’s room. You can add different quotes and shapes with the templates included in the downloadable files.

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Product Description

This Felt Bunting Tutorial will show you how to create felt banners for a nursery or child’s room. You can add different quotes and shapes with the templates included in the downloadable files. The booklet contains step-by-step photo instructions and 6 templates with different quotes and shapes that of course you can modify to create original designs.

This is a great craft project to make with children over 3 year old.

You will need this material to complete a felt bunting:

  • A4 felt for the banner
  • Assorted colour felt for shapes and letters
  • A dowel or a piece of wood to hang the banner
  • Length of string to hang
  • Scissors
  • Clear Glue

Otherwise, order our “Felt banners Kit” which contains all the material above (except for scissors and glue).

Tutorials are written in English.

Difficulty level: Beginners

When you buy this product you will get:

  • PDF document with 3 pages with photo guided instructions. This Felt Bunting Tutorial has a pre-defined configuration to be printed as separate pages in portrait orientation. However, you can change this default configuration using your printer settings and,
  • 4  PDF documents with printable shapes and quotes for 6 designs This file has been programmed to print at a scale of “None” (so that it prints 100% to scale A4). Double check your print settings so you DO NOT “scale to fit” or “shrink to page” – as this will cause the templates to print smaller than they should. Ideally you would print these templates in sticky paper. Otherwise, you can pin them to the felt for cutting.

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Refunds and Exchanges – All sales are final. No refunds will be issued once the tutorial has been purchased. However, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us at hi@craveforcrafts.com

This booklet is Copyright of Crave for Crafts, and any of its content cannot be sold, reproduced or re-published without consent of Crave for Crafts.


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