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Interview with Martina Latimer, from at sarah’s

Interview with Martina Latimer, from at sarah’s

Interview with Martina Latimer, from at sarah’s

Today we are super excited to introduce you to Martina Latimer, our lovely collaborator that has just landed in Brisbane from London. Her craft portfolio and experience is impressive. She is a designer maker and offers contemporary sewing, patchwork and crafts classes, and like us, she turned her hobby into her business.

Martina founded in London her bespoke home textiles label www.atsarahs.com and from there moved on into teaching as well, from craft shops to the London Metropolitan Uni as well as at London Sutton College.

We are super lucky to have Martina on Sunday 13th August teaching the Hand sew a Runaway Bag Workshop in Brisbane, which is a beautiful sewing project for beginners.

Runaway Bag workshop in BrisbaneToday we have Martina at Crave for Crafts Blog telling us a bit more about herself and her inspiring journey.

You are originally from Austria but spent the last few years in London and now you have moved to Brisbane! Can you share with us a bit of your journey?

I grew up in the beautiful countryside of Austria and after school moved to Vienna. I have a Masters in Business Administration and worked in Vienna in rather different industries, such as FMCG, NGOs, Chinese Medicine and Aviation. Although my work was usually interesting I realized something was missing: working and creating with my hands. I needed to touch and hold my work. My husband, son and I decided to move to London for another adventure and to make the career change. I offered bespoke home textiles, did markets, trade shows, pop-up shops and taught at a University & College. London was a fantastic experience, personally as well as professionally. We moved to Australia primarily because of our family. We love the Australian lifestyle, my husband is an Aussie, and we wanted to give our soon to be 4-year-old son the chance to grow up in such a relaxed outdoor environment.

Martina Latimer | Crave for Crafts |

We want to hear all about at sarah’s ! We know that it has been featured in very well-known magazines which is awesome! By the way, we can’t wait to attend your first Runaway Bag workshop in Brisbane, what a cool project to start sewing!

I launched my bespoke home textiles label at sarah’s because I wanted to help people have truly unique textiles for their homes. I am passionate about talking to people, about what they like, and then make something they can relate to and love. When I am not teaching and designing for other projects I am busy making custom orders – such a great way to connect with people!

I just love the bundle of joy that is the Runaway Bag. It is designed by Ellen Mason and she was so kind to offer me the opportunity to be the first to teach it here in Australia. It is a versatile bag, you can use it to store yarn or fabrics. I often bring one along instead of a handbag.

Hand Sew a Runaway Bag

The Runaway Bag 

London offered endless opportunities, with the right environment to get started. I was over the moon when magazines like The World of Interiors or ELLE emailed asking if they could feature my work. I was only 4 months in business in London and was not yet sure if my designs would work in the competitive London scene.

What are your first impressions about Australia and Brisbane? Coming from London, no doubt this is a big change!

You’re right! Coming from London the change has been really big. Brisbane is such a wonderful city, I love the weather and the fact that people actually have time. In London, a city full of possibilities, you can get literally just everything you want and most of it within 24hrs. That is probably the only thing that I struggle with as this is not the case here. C’est la vie! This challenges me and I need to be more creative when sourcing new and exciting materials for my work.

What are your favourite crafts and what do you love doing in your free time?

I want to learn pottery, arranging flowers and wood work. When I am not in my studio I love spending time with my husband and our son. We like being outdoors, nature and meeting friends. Our son is very social as well, which helps. Travelling and good food are favourites as well!

Quilting_Martina Latimer

Any advice for anyone who wants to quit their jobs and start a creative business?

I would pass on the best advice I received: ‘Do it. You can worry later.’ A very talented and experienced business woman in London with whom I worked shared this nugget of wisdom and it has stuck with me since.

Runaway Bag workshop in Brisbane

If you are interested in attending Martina’s Runaway Bag workshop in Brisbane, you can book your spot here.