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Crafting for yourself or for others? The fear of judgement.

Crafting for yourself or for others? The fear of judgement.

Crafting for yourself or for others? The fear of judgement.

Morning friends! Imogen here today. Today I am writing a very honest blog post about the fear of judgement in creativity (and why it shouldn’t matter)

Last year around this time I entered my mixed stitch blanket in the Ekka (the annual Queensland show) crochet section. I felt pretty confident that I would secure a place, though I had done very little research on what was trending at the Ekka or what previous winners had done. I spent a year crocheting my blanket, in between navigating the path of becoming a first time mum, working, caring for my husband and baby and trying to maintain a social life with said baby in tow. Sadly, I didn’t receive a place or even a commended for my work and at the time was pretty bitterly disappointed.

ekka blanket

My crochet blanket

My friends and family came to see the exhibition and in true friend and family fashion filled my ears with ‘Yours, is definitely the best, you should have won’. It made me feel both better and worse hearing that. Better in that my friends and family were so loving and kind towards me and worse making me feel somewhat justified that I should have won a place.

ekka crochet blanket

The blankets competition

It is always hard to be objective when your handiwork is on the line being judged. Given the effort and love I poured into the blanket I of course thought mine was the best too, but there is no story to accompany the blanket through the judging process. I had a strong connection to my blanket, but who is to say others didn’t pour more into theirs? All there is to judge is an item, the judges have no insight into what that project means to you or what it means to the rest.

On reflection though our handmade works are not here to be judged by others, they are a representation of our creativity, our personal expression and a labour of love. I don’t know that I would ever enter something so special into a competition again as although the glory of winning would be amazing (lol!), the feeling of judgement on something so personal doesn’t feel worth it.

Enjoy the process, always.

I craft and crochet because I love the process, the feeling of turning a simple ball of yarn into something I find beautiful. It may not be to every ones taste or liking but it is what I like and what I like spending my precious free time doing. This is the message that I share with the new crocheters who come to our classes. Love the process and find yourself in your craft.

crochet classes Brisbane

Get out there and make something, not for others to judge but to be creative just for you.

PS. If this topic is of  your interest, I suggest reading this article. Very interesting.